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Transferring all BlueBiohazard Network sites to their site. It’s a nightmare!

I have been offline for a very long time. I’ll resume all of my web projects as soon as possible. hasn’t been forgotten and it is one of my main priorities.

Hey everyone! is back with a new look and feel! Go check it out!

Just when you think you are starting to forget someone that someone comes back to your life and makes things harder for you… Well, for me. Anyway, life is complicated and full of drama. :(

I’m working on the all-new BlueBiohazard Network! I also have a brand-new blog! Check it out at Thanks a bunch! :D

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Hello there! We finally managed to fully integrate our new bulletin board system (bbs) with the new As most of you already know our new webiste which is currently on its "beta" phase. We hope to do some graphic work soon to "integrate" the look and feel of the forums with the overall site.

MacBook Pro Tumblr Widget Test

Testing Tumblr’s Widget on from a MacBook Pro! Does it work? :)

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I’m currently working on multiple projects for the BlueBiohazard Social Network project. These include but are not limited to,,, and The goal is to create a simple network of entertainment websites for people of all ages. Due to my offline job, I have not making progress. Hopefully that will change soon.

Just a picture of me. Nothing special…

Just a picture of me. Nothing special…